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If you have already browsed our gallery of images, you have found that we are not just another basement finishing company. The design and detail which go into all of our projects are customized to the wants, needs and tastes of the customer.

One way we help the customer visualize their design, is in the use of 3-D Architectual Design Software. By using this tool on a laptop computer, we can sit down with the customer, review the proposed design and actually view a 3-D Model of their basement from any "walkaround" angle. This gives the customer an excellent feel of what their basement will look like, and changes can be made and viewed in minutes, not days.

We are one of the few in the industry to use such an advanced tool, and have found that by being able to view an actual model of their basement before the first hammer is ever lifted, our customers have a greater comfort factor in their design decisions. This leads to lower costs and faster completion times. And even more important, happy customers.

- Raymond J. Pavlovich, Daylight Basement Co.

"Your work is meticulous. We never imagined
the character that can be built into a basement.
Definitely more than what we hoped for."
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